Pain relief with Voltaren

Even a little bit of pain can have a big impact on your life. That’s why Voltaren makes pain relief gels that you can rely on to help you on the way to rediscover the joy of movement with less pain.

grandfather bending down without back pain gardening in a vegetable patch with child

Much more than just a tagline, the joy of movement defines who we are, why we do what we do. Because it’s not just movement. It’s bending down to lift and hug your child. It’s enjoying a Saturday morning gardening session. It’s the little things that put a big smile on your face. It’s you at your best....

If you’re looking for a medicated over-the-counter anti-inflammatory to ease your pain, Voltaren provides a medicated pain relief option that’s effective. So, you can get back to being you – joyfully.

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Health and wellness and your pain

Pain is rarely just physical nor is it always solved by taking medicine alone. Voltaren is your ally in helping you take more control of your pain journey, from the way you sleep, to what you eat, your mental wellbeing, and providing complementary pain relief therapies.

Treatment by pain type 

Knee pain, elbow pain, back pain. Pain relief is not one-size-fits-all. Whatever kind of acute pain you’re experiencing - Voltaren has got you covered. Learn all about the causes, symptoms, and pain treatments for the type of pain you’re experiencing so you can get back to doing those little things that bring you joy.